Culturalite's Curation Platform & Management System is a powerful way for your brand to Explore a vast range of digital offerings with agility and speed, combining built-in visual discovery features, network solutions for scale and commerce layering capabilities for your content.

Display your curated content, putting the best of your products and content with the best of the web. Create an ecommerce layer or simply invite your network, reimage infinite new ways for your customers to engage and participate with your brand with innovative new channels and nuanced contexts. 

Culturalite is a state-of-the-art semantic curated publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, visual discovery, web 3.0 standards, and usability. Enquire about pricing for your brand's needs.

More simply, Culturalite is what you use when you want to take your content publishing, commerce, digital capabilities and customer engagement to the next level. 


What’s Next?
With our step by step installation, setting up Culturalite for the first time is simple. And should you run into any trouble along the way, our support forum, tutorials and team are a great resource.

Culturalite Technology

Cultivator - an advanced algorithm for RSS

Ranking component - determine rank of most relevant articles for your audience.

Link cultivator - real-time linking of articles found across the web. 

Yii Framework - customized CMS capability, designed with performance and scalability from the outset.

Validated learning - show or hide the page title and description. 

Culturalite Curation Platform & Management System

Utilize Culturalite's curation management system to curate, customize and manage your content.

Vertical Media - Scale or focus your content verticals to elevate your brand experience for a global audience.

Consumer Engagement - Build your global audiences and customer engagement.

Culturalite Media Network - Real-time linking of articles found across the web curated on a module, that means your content can be found across our publisher network and new consumers. 


Landing - select from various grid format themes for the most impactful curated landing page experience.

News grid - specifically designed for mainstream news, combine your curations from around the web with original content.

Magazine grid - create an editorial style content grid, combine your curations from around the web with original content. 

Local or topic grid - create a regional or topic grid for your audience.

Lists - an opportunity for your audience to create lists and engage with each other on your platform.

Trends - create a visual experience for trending items or allow your curators to create trends that add value for your customers and audience.

Channels - feature your original content or curated selection of videos, clips, audio, music and more. 

Events - a calendar of global, industry and local events for you to promote your events

Forums - a gathering place for your members 

Customization - for designers and agencies

Upload your theme - coming soon.

Curator Network

Build your network of experts and influencers - invite curators to build a profile and access curation tools for your brand.

Text - create original content and/or combine curated articles.

Link - real-time curation feature by simply sharing a link.

Video - share url or embed video.

Audio - share url or embed audio.

Quote - special format quotes to share.

Curate a link - a quick way to share a link from your front page.

Reader - view articles from publisher network in real-time

Marketing & PR - enquire about customized solutions

Publisher Network

Manage your Publisher RSS - a network management dashboard for your favourite RSS feeds

Add a feed - simply cut and paste rss feeds of interest

Categorize Publisher RSS - select specific categories for your RSS to apply to your vertical or channel needs. 

Auto post - allows automated posts onto your curation grid.

Text only - feature text only curations if you prefer.

Intervals - specify number of times to crawl rss for your optimization needs.

Commerce solutions for publishers - enquire about customized commerce layering

Publisher Network Commerce - enquire to participate with our partner network.


Crowd Source Network

Invite Customers- simply invite your customers or allow for them to sign up to crowd source news.

Invite Brand Ambassadors - recognize customers who are curating the most loved content on your platform.


Engage audience - social features for customers and ambassadors to curate content from across the web and share your content across their network.

Reimagine - multi-applications to creative crowd sourcing and user generated content.



Dashboard & Tools

Administrator - access to manage all dashboards, create users and view index.

Editorial dashboard - manage content and visual impact of content through editorial dashboard.

Reported images - content may be flagged from article view and managed from reported images and can be deleted or edited.

Reported posts - content may be flagged from article view and managed from reported images and can be deleted or edited.

User index - an index of all users on your platform, their profile and user access, permissions may be managed from user index view.

Create user - add and create user profile and permissions.

Create showcases & exhibits - select and define verticals, channels and categories and view articles, click on articles and click on area to spotlight and feature.

Analytics - your sites activity.

Quick Post - with a click of a button, in-house editors can features articles on grid from Curator reader.



Web Tools

Bookmarklet - Your audience can curate anything they love from the web with our bookmarklet, collecting data that is relevant to them.

Get started - An exciting visual discovery and curated social experience for your brand or clients.