Culturalite Media Inc.

The next wave:  Culturalite's curation management system is web 3.0.  The new frontier, curated content at global scale. 

Culturalite Media Inc. (CMI) is a privately held media & technology boutique company based in Toronto, ON Canada and are recognized for our scientific research and experimental development in the area of curation technologies and capabilities.

CMI has developed a curation management system, in addition, owns and operates curated media properties to deliver the freshest in culture from around the world daily.

Culturalite is the early innovator and trailblazer of curation at scale and bridging our in-house original content, global content creators (premium content), publishers and people as the curators of content.

Culturalite began as a curation platform but soon evolved to include additional types of media brands featuring 2500+ global news sites, international magazines and local news sites from around the world.


Our technology aggregates information by utilizing advanced algorithms to filter through this information, providing the most relevant data of this aggregation.  Brands and content publishers with a desire to share cultural news in a visual, social and engaging way can curate content at scale and with ease with utilizing our platform.

Culturalite is the next generation publishing and social platform on the web for vertical media, branded content and curation at scale. 

Curating the world's cultural information. 

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If you're interested in next generation open source projects thinking about curation platforms at scale, reimagining content, commerce, data and social we would love to talk ideas on how we can work together.  Contact us at

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